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Natural Childbirth Class
This small and interactive class will help you prepare for pregnancy, labor, birth. and postpartum. These classes can be taken as a series for first time pregnancy, or individually for those who have been pregnant before and have an interest in a specific topic.  Classes are once per quarter,  run one weeknight a month from 6-9pm, and are located at the Special Delivery Office. 1 day intensive classes available upon request. Class Series $200, $50 per class. Contact Mary Gibbons for more information:, 623-451-4925 (text preferred)

Class One-Preparing for your birth and your baby
Pregnancy nutrition and how it relates to your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period. Safe pregnancy exercise, and exercise to prepare your body for labor and birth. 

Class Two- All about Labor and Birth
What to expect during labor, the stages of labor, terms used in labor, Timing your contractions, Natural comfort measures, and labor support training for partners.
Class Three- Informed Consent

Learn about the more common pregnancy  and labor tests, procedures, and  interventions.  How to decide when intervention is needed.
Class Four- The 4th Trimester

What to expect in the Postpartum period, Mama Care, Newborn care and Breastfeeding. 

Birth Supplies

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