"Orion  was born posterior at 8:27AM on September 21 st 2012, in the comfort of our home, weighing 7lbs 8oz and was 20 ½ inches long. He looked just like his mommy!! I’m so grateful to God for a safe and quick delivery. I’m also so thankful for my support team. Brandon was, once again the perfect labor and delivery partner. He was calm, encouraging, loving and emotionally present. Carol is hands down, the best midwife out there. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I’m truly blessed."  - Bethany

"Standard western medicine definitely serves a great purpose. However, it’s not the end all, be all answer to everything. We have two children who were born in the hospital with an ObGyn. It just simply does not compare with the attention and care received from Carol. From the very first meeting, I felt that my midwife was invested in my pregnancy and delivery. Everything was explained to me and I wasn’t made to feel like a convicted criminal for choosing to opt out of standard tests and procedures." - Cynthia

"The best part of having a home birth was how relaxed and special the experience was for me and my family. There was no pressure to do anything specific or routine. I was free to be anywhere I wanted, however I wanted. The midwives are amazing and created an atmosphere of new life with out disturbing anything. They had everything set up so they never had to leave the room or my side once pushing started. I never felt pressured to labor faster or do anything better. Scott and I were free to do what we wanted and felt was best. I felt completely cared for and cherished as I bring a new baby into the world."  - Cari

"I had two more daughters at home with Carol and Mary as my midwives. I remember each daughter’s birth with sweet but powerful memories. These women were my friends and confidants. They were the first people to touch my children, even before I did. They gave me the confidence that I could do what women have been doing since the beginning of time. They gave my husband a new perspective on where and how babies should be born into our world. I will never forget these two women; I remember the gift they gave every time I look in my children’s eyes."  - Kelly

"We are so glad that we chose to have Carol as our midwife in our homebirth. We had a happy, healthy baby that we love more and more each day. We are looking forward to having Carol there for all of our children’s births (God willing!)"  - Christina

"Carol and Mary were truly a God-send, so calm, patient, and helpful. They made me feel very comfortable during the entire delivery and prior to. I can tell you this...if we had more, I’d have them all at home, and they would be delivered by these amazing women! The entire experience was beautiful, and the memories don’t include impatient doctors wanting to induce, cords and straps keeping you secluded to your bed, and the concern of sickness in the room next door. They even washed my sheets!"  - Tonya

"The mood that was set was relaxing but I was still apprehensive about the pain. This is where Carol’s experience had a chance to shine. She calmed me, helped me put my energy toward positively furthering my delivery with less stress. It’s amazing what help it is to have someone there in attendance that knows precisely when to squeeze your hand and talk you through it. I quickly progressed from 7cm to 9cm and Carol said I could birth in the tub if I wanted to. I felt like I could just get it over with then without the pressure of repositioning myself on the bed in the other room. The water experience was quite surprising. The water allowed me to work more efficiently with my body."  - Christi

"Carol Denny made giving birth such a precious experience.  She listened to me, empowered me with knowledge, made me feel safe, and had an endearing personality.  I'm so grateful to have found her and to have her be a part of such an important part of my life."  - Vicky

"Carol Denny has delivered all three of my healthy children. As a physician, I was very choosy in picking someone to manage my prenatal care,  delivery, and postpartum care. She is experienced (20+ years), well read, and up-to-date, and has shown good judgment with difficult decisions. She is also very caring about the whole person, which helps tremendously when facing various stresses of pregnancy.  When looking back, I think I made a great decision choosing her, and would make the same choice again. I recommend her to anyone who is able and willing to have a home birth."  - Glenda

"Excellent care, service, and experience!!!  I believe Carol and her team are the very best you could receive in the field of midwifery.  Carol has been there for my family in all three of my babies births.  We would never want it any other way!! We had two completely smooth home-births, and one planned hospital delivery (my baby had high-risk medical needs).  Carol is discerning and supports each family uniquely to their own needs.  I think everyone can appreciate that.  I will always be grateful for her sincere care as I prepared and welcomed each of our little ones into this world!  I would HIGHLY recommend her (& Mary).  She is highly experienced and knowledgable in her field.  She is easy to talk to, listens, and very approachable with any questions.  Thank you, Carol!" - Krystal

"Carol is and always will be someone I hold dear to my heart. She was there for the birth of my second and third born babies. She's an experienced, knowledgable, intelligent, compassionate and passionate midwife. She made me feel safe, protected and loved throughout all of my prenatal care, during delivery and afterwards. For families who are interested in midwife care and home birth, I highly recommend her. You are in very safe, loving hands with Carol Denny."  - Bethany

"Carol is been such an amazing blessing to our family.  I moved from New Zealand to the USA, where birthing is mid-wife led and I searched google for a midwife, while still living there in Phoenix and found Carol, but I truly believe it was a God-destined relationship.  She has delivered two of my children and will be delivering a third very soon.   She is supportive, easy to communicate with, extremely knowledgeable, and makes home-births an amazing experience."  - Hannah

"Carol has been my midwife for 2 of my babies now.  She is a loving and professional care giver.  She's very knowledgable about the birthing process and was always able to answer my random questions.  I highly recommend her."  - Nicole

"There are simply not enough words to express how much I love and appreciate Carol.  Not only is a generous and supportive midwife but she has become a friend.  She has delivered my 6th and 7th child and we are forever grateful. The experience was smooth and positive. She always takes time to hear you and listen intently.  You never feel rushed or shushed.  Instead she is supportive, passionate, knowledgeable, and kind."  - Chelsea

"I've known Carol Denny for years. I first met her when she delivered my nephew and niece who are now 16 and 17 years old.  Then she has delivered many of my friend's babies over the years, and finally, two of my own.  She delivered my last baby almost a year ago. Carol is an amazing midwife. She has a very peaceful way about her. She has a natural ability to communicate, calm and sooth the mother during labor  Her years of experience and understanding certainly show. She is very in-tune in with mother and baby's needs. I absolutely adore Carol. I highly recommend Carol to anyone looking for a brilliant, experienced, kind  and knowledgeable midwife."  - Molly

"Carol is amazing! I recommend her all the time."  - Tanisha

"Carol is just simply the best!  You not only are in very capable and knowledgeable hands, you are in the MOST caring ones."  - Amy

"Carol is by far the most gentle, caring midwife. She is patient, professional, and knowledgeable.  All seven of my babies were born at home with her attending, and I would never go to anyone else.  Thank you Carol!!"  - Jodi

"Carol is absolutely wonderful!  She's been through 7 of my births with me--5 successful, natural homebirths, an emergency c-section and a vbac (had to use the hospital for that one, but she willingly helped me figure out when to head to the hospital as I hadn't done that before).  She's easy to talk to, supportive, encouraging and has become a lifelong friend"  - Melody

"For my first pregnancy, I planned to give birth with a midwife in a hospital, but as I entered into my final month, I realized that I needed an alternative plan. I interviewed homebirth midwives and landed on Carol. She has years of experience, having attended hundreds of births. My husband and I were both impressed with her prudence and depth of knowledge. Her expertise did not end with the delivery. In my case, I had a rough postpartum period, but her guidance and referrals when necessary to other professionals helped tremendously. My second pregnancy was short (i.e. miscarriage), and I appreciated her care through that process as well."  - Amy

"After two challenging hospital births, I was so grateful to have found Carol Denny. Carol is such an amazing midwife and person. My birthing experiences with her have been so positive; they have literally been life changing. She has delivered my last three children and each birth has been such a wonderful blessing. Carol is kind, calm, and attentive. Her experience and knowledge has shined through each pregnancy and delivery."  - Jennifer

"When the heartbreak of infertility finally ended for us and our sweet baby girl started growing in my womb, four different friends (none of whom knew each other) told me I had to meet Carol Denny. I was new to everything pregnancy, birth, and baby, and Carol walked me through all of it with grace, calm, and precision. She was meticulous about informing me of everything I needed to know, gave excellent prenatal care to me and my baby, and was the ideal labor coach. Our little girl came into a warm, smiling world full of the smell of homemade lasagna. Later I moved to another state and had another baby at home. My second midwife was cheerful and able, but she did not have the gracious, calm expertise or the specialized wisdom that Carol has. When I was in my second labor, I suddenly missed Carol tremendously!! She is truly outstanding."  - Faith

"I  cannot say enough good things about Carol and Mary! I have had 5 home births with Carol attending all 5 and Mary assisting at 3 of those. Carol is professional, prudent and knowledgeable, she cares deeply for people and makes a deep connection with everyone, making her a wonderful caregiver. These ladies are truly special people, perfect for the role of midwife. They will listen and attend the birth with complete respect and support for your wishes."  - Christina

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