Christi's Birth Story


My husband Russ and I decided to try for a baby in August.  I was pregnant by September.  I knew right from the start I wanted a home birth experience. I knew too much about hospital policies and procedures to delivery my baby there.  I chose my midwife, Carol Denny, from working with her family for a couple of years. I felt she was someone that I would be comfortable with trusting my pregnancy with.  I found her calm, competent demeanor comfortable. The majority of my pregnancy was uneventful.  I was terribly sick the first four months and managed to gain little weight. Otherwise all seemed well.  21 weeks along, through an ultrasound we learned we were expecting a boy. The rest of the pregnancy went smoothly.

My delivery:  Labor began about 10 pm on the date I predicted all along. The baby was in his 40th week and apparently healthy. Carol had Russ and I time the contractions for about 1/2 hour and call her back. I knew after 2 contractions it was going to happen tonight. Carol came over about 11:30 and I checked out at about 4cm. I thought I would be further along, and became nervous and apprehensive about the pain to come. I quickly had Russ fill the bath tub with hot water, light my candles and put a cd in. Contractions slowed a little in the water at first.  It didn't take long before they were on the way again. The mood that was set was relaxing but I was still apprehensive about the pain. This is were Carol's doula experience had a chance to shine. She calmed me, helped put my energy towards positively furthering my delivery with less stress. It's amazing what help it is to have someone there in attendance that knows precisely when to squeeze your hand and talk you through it.  I quickly progressed from 7cm to 9cm and decided to birth in the tub.  I felt like I could just get it over with without the pressure of repositioning myself. The water experience was quite surprising. The water allowed me to work more efficiently with my body without gravity against the baby's descent down.  The water broke at 1:14am and after about 4 pushes my son was born at 1:24 am. He came out nice and purple and was put in my arms, and thanks to the water birth he was clean! I cut the cord and delivered the placenta while dad examined his new baby. Another plus to the water birth was the easy clean up. Although I didn't have to clean it up. Carol and her assistant took care of that for us. The baby was perfect - beautiful in fact! My birth was as perfect as it could have been. In fact - I described it to my friends as the most ideal scenario for a wonderful birth. I felt safe and comfortable the whole time. Thank you Carol, it was GREAT!