Christina's birth

father holding newborn

My husband and I were married in October.  We found we were expecting just 2 weeks later.  Having witnessed 2 births in the hospital, I knew I could never be comfortable having my baby there .  Not only the atmosphere bothered me but the fact that you could never be quite sure who would help you deliver the baby.

So I began my search for a midwife I felt comfortable with, who could help me have the birth experience I was hoping for.  I searched the internet, finding Carol - needless to say, she fit the bill.  

We met with Carol and we were really happy with her professionalism and warmth.  My whole pregnancy went very smoothly with no serious problems. 

I finally went in to labor on August 3 around midnight.  I was scheduled to see Carol that day, so I waited to call her.  Labor progressed very slowly this being my first baby.  After having checked me to see how much I had dilated, Carol realized that my cervix was posterior. This would cause an even longer labor.  

After my contractions were 10 minutes apart, we called her to come over around 9 pm that night.  She checked me again, only to find that my cervix hadn't come forward. It was at this point that I really saw how capable a midwife Carol is. She held my cervix up through 3 contractions,  This action started my labor moving along a little faster.  I labored all through that night with my husband as my coach.  

During the night I was so tired and becoming very discouraged.  I didn't think I would be physically capable of pushing or giving birth.  Carol kept reassuring me that I was doing well.  As I continued to become more emotional and exhausted Carol asked if she could pray for me - a gesture that really helped me to try and persevere through the rough contractions and other set backs I experienced.  

When the baby was finally born, Carol let my husband look to see if it was a boy or girl - it was a girl.  Carol cleaned up, made sure each of us was recovering and then let us rest.